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Explore a curated list of the latest online projects. Bridge the gap between ambitious businesses and innovative talents for exclusive opportunities.



At TalentDo, I’ve compiled a comprehensive database featuring:

Project Name: Discover the hottest new projects across various industries.
Project Description: Gain insights into the core concepts and goals behind each venture.
Project Niche: Tailor your search based on the specific industry or niche of each project.
Project Website: Direct access to explore project details and updates.
Founder-Maker’s Name: Connect with the brilliant mind behind the project.
Founder’s Personal/Agency Website: Explore more about the founder’s journey and expertise.
Contact Email: Reach out to the project’s official communication channel.
Founder-Maker’s Verified Email: Establish direct and meaningful communication.
Founder-Founder’s Social Media Accounts (Twitter / LinkedIn): Engage with founders through their social media platforms.
Founder’s Location: Easily find founders nearby or globally by filtering projects based on location.
Project Page Visitors: (upcoming feature)
Indication of which project is taking off right now.

Why Should You Buy?

Golden Opportunity

Just think about how many companies, startups, and other ventures get bombarded in their inboxes with various offerings. Everybody’s hitting up Apollo leads, Crunchbase, and the rest. But who’s reaching out to talented individuals launching cool projects daily? No one’s doing that. Because it’s hard to find and needs manual prospecting. There’s no saturation here. I’ll maintain exclusivity by limiting spots, ensuring only top-tier customers get access. This is your golden opportunity in a sea of outreach.

Benefits for Businesses and Hirers:

Strategic Partnerships: Identify potential collaborations and strategic alliances.
Talent Acquisition: Source top-tier talent directly from innovative projects.
Investment Opportunities: Discover promising ventures for investment and partnerships.
Exclusive Access: Stay ahead of the competition with early insights into emerging projects.
Efficient Networking: Connect directly with founders, saving time and effort.
Offer Your Services: Explore opportunities to showcase your services to a curated audience of innovative projects.

Offer Growth!

If you’re running a TikTok, Reels or YouTube channel, have a huge audience, or are a marketing genius, offer them growth and exposure! They’ve just launched and need clients. Help them achieve this by offering your services!

NOTE*: Offering booking appointments won’t work here, it’s a B2C commerce model.

Database Status

Includes 3453 Projects – 3345 contact details, and 2636 verified Founder-Maker emails

Over 198 hours invested in detailed work so far, continuously enhancing quality and accuracy for your business needs.

Balancing Quantity with Quality

While not every founder’s email is readily available, rest assured – I’ve included alternative details of the Founder’s Twitter or LinkedIn account. You’ll be able to reach them anyway. Plus, customize your outreach strategy by filtering leads based on email, Twitter, or Linkedin availability, putting you in control.

What's Next?

Commitment to Growth

I’m prepared to expand this database to reach at least 10,000-15,000 projects, including both upcoming and past months’ data, with hired top assistants on board.

Early Subscriber Advantage

Secure your access to future expansions by becoming a premium member today. You’ll be among the first to benefit from our growing database.

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1. What is TalentDo?

TalentDo is a comprehensive database that connects you with newly launched projects and their founders. It bridges the gap between ambitious businesses and innovative talents for exclusive opportunities.

2. What file format do you provide?


3. How is this different from other databases like Apollo or Crunchbase?

Unlike other databases, TalentDo focuses on newly launched projects and their founders, providing exclusive and direct access to a niche audience. It’s designed to be a unique and valuable resource with minimal competition, ensuring high-quality leads and opportunities.

4. What is the Early Subscriber Advantage?

Early subscribers benefit from a 50% discount with the code START50. The price is currently $47, down from $97, and it will rise to $197 once we reach a 10K+ project database.

5. Is there a support team available for assistance?

Yes, our team is committed to continuous enhancement and is ready to assist you with any queries or support needs. Contact us through our provided communication channels for any assistance.

6. Why should I buy this database?

This database offers a golden opportunity to:

  • Identify strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Source top-tier talent directly from innovative projects.
  • Discover promising ventures for investment.
  • Gain exclusive early insights into emerging projects.
  • Efficiently network and connect directly with founders.
  • Offer your services to a curated audience of innovative projects.

7. What is the current status of the database?

As of June 1, 2024, the database includes:

3453 Projects
3345 Contact details
2636 Verified Founder-Maker emails

8. How do I join?

To join and access the database, click the “Yes, Accept Me!” button and complete your purchase. Secure your exclusive early supporter pricing before it increases.

9. Is this a one-time fee or a subscription?

The access to the database is available for a one-time fee. No recurring subscription is required.

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